• Corrugated boxes are used for transporting goods, but also for rigid packaging for heavy products and for quality gift packaging for consumer goods. The corrugated cardboard from which the boxes are made is primarily functional: it protects fragile products, so it is suitable for packaging wine, alcohol, or perfume bottles.

    AVprinting specializes in producing and designing corrugated boxes. Our customers receive sturdy, convenient packaging for carrying soft drinks, strong, high-quality cases for electrical appliances and electronic devices, and stylish packaging for alcoholic beverages, wine bottles, and the like.
  • Corrugated cardboard consists of a wavy, fluted sheet placed between two flat layers of heavy paper. To produce the cardboard, brown or white sheets are used, which can also be made from recycled paper. High-quality printing can be done on the white side.
    Corrugated cardboard is available in four thicknesses (ranging from 400 grams to 1 kilogram). The thickness, together with the weight, determines the strength and price of the packaging.
    • E-flute: the thinnest corrugated board
    • B-flute: the most common corrugated cardboard
    • C-flute: about 4 mm
    • Double-wall / 5-layer flute: 6-7 mm

    The advantages of using corrugated cardboard for packaging 
    The main advantage is that corrugated cardboard is lightweight but can be used to carry heavy loads. In some cases, double corrugated cardboard is used to create especially strong packaging.
    • Matching the size and strength of the packaging to the specific product
    • Designing the package, including a window if required
    • Producing a real-scale model of the packaging and sending it to the customer for approval
    • Mass producing the packaging
    • Packaging according to the customer’s requirements and shipment
    • Packaging can be sent to customers already folded and ready for use, or flat – which saves on delivery costs.

    Packaging can be sent to customers folded and ready for use, or flat, to save on delivery costs.