• AV-Printing carries out numerous projects for prestigious brands that wish to produce unique packaging to go hand-in-hand with their brand values. For example, we often provide our services to celebrities who manufacture cosmetics in their name, and wish to brand their packaging so as to be easily recognized.
  • It takes great responsibility and a high level of professionalism to create branded packaging. A well-known company cannot afford to damage its image by using poor-quality packaging that will be perceived as part of the product or brand’s features or that is not in keeping with the company’s visual line.

    Brand Loyalty 
    AV Printing has won the loyalty of large, well-known international companies who chose us to produce their packaging. Time and time again, these companies have expressed their appreciation for the quality of our work and the level of our service. They’ve also demonstrated their appreciation by reordering packaging for existing products and returning to us with new projects to produce quality packaging.